This video is an overview of what it's like to work as a mechanic for Waste Connections. Mechanics keep the Waste Connections vehicles running safely and smoothly so the drivers can make their rounds efficiently. Our Mechanics are the heart of Waste Connections, they work on hydraulics, electronics, engines, brakes and much more to keep our trucks safe. Waste Connections also offers the opportunity to move into different career paths, so a mechanic can become a driver or a driver can become a mechanic. We also offer opportunities to move into management. The goal of all Waste Connections employees is to keep their trucks on the road to serve the community. We pride ourselves on hiring the best employees who have a passion for their career and a commitment to work for the best.

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Video Transcript:
Here at Waste Connections, being a mechanic, you do a little bit of everything. My name is Andrew Brough. I'm a mechanic at Waste Connections. Hydraulics, electric, engines, transmissions, brakes, anything that's on the vehicle. You have to make sure all of that is in good working order. It's got to be done right. It's the bottom line. Right and safe. If the brakes fail, it is an 80,000 pound truck, you can do some real damage. The guys in the shop are good guys and everyone is willing to help you out. We do a lot of the bigger jobs. Pulling trannies, pulling motors. It feels awesome when you got a 1600 pound trannie laying on the floor that you just took out that night. The opportunities at this company are pretty much unlimited. We've had drivers move to mechanics, we've had mechanics move to drivers, we've had drivers move all the way up the ladder to district managers. The management here at Waste Connections is excellent. 90% of them have been on a truck, driving these trucks or been in the shop working on these trucks. Every day when I go home and I know that what I did is going to keep these drivers safe, get their job done, it just feels great.