This video is an overview of what it's like to drive a recycling truck for Waste Connections. A recycling driver starts by checking his truck before he goes out onto his route. The recycling trucks have an automated collection system that makes it easier to collect the recyclables for the both drivers and the community. Once a recycling driver is done with his route he drives to a collection site to drop off the materials and fill out his daily paperwork. Recycling drivers are their own boss, they are responsible for picking up materials in a safe and efficient manner and they take pride in what they do.

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Video Transcript:
The innovation that since I started a year and a half ago has just gotten huge. My name is Jeremiah Day. My position is a recycle driver. They've gotten all these new recycling trucks that are all automated, they're all computerized, and it's a lot easier for the recycler, the employee and every community. You're pretty much your own boss out there, you can really dictate how your day goes. My day consists of getting to the yard safely and clocking in. Doing my pre-trip and making sure everything's in good working order. Do my pickups in a safe and efficient manner, making sure all the customers are happy with the service that they get. You're working in a whole lot of different conditions that make the job a little tough. I do well with physical work and I knew it would be a good job for me. Jumping out of the truck to move a cart or pick up a glass bin which glass bins can weigh 50 pounds apiece. We take it down to a materials collection site and fill out the paperwork, make sure everything's good, working condition and get home safely. I actually do get a lot of clients that come out and wave to me and smile to me and say thank you. Taking pride in what you do is ultimately the way you're going to succeed in this company.