UPS - Tractor Trailer Driver

Enjoy the open road as a tractor-trailer driver for UPS. In this UPS job and recruitment video you will see that there are no long hauls or overnight driving. As a package delivery tractor trailer driver you can take on routes are close to home working by yourself with the support of the hub nearby. This truck delivery role is great for those who enjoy customer service and can meet deadlines. Experience great benefits and no weekends with UPS.

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Video Transcript:
I find it very enjoyable to be out there. Every day's a little bit different. Whether it be weather conditions, traffic conditions, customer pickups. I love driving and I just love being out on the road. I find it like second nature to me. We have over-the-road jobs where you get in your tractor and you'll take a load to a specific building and then you come back to the center. We also have the jobs like I presently do which is a customer pickup job. We go out and we pick up the customer packages and bring them back to the hub. When they see the brown uniform they know reliability. They know we're going to be there the same time, every day. You have a good day. It's just nice to go out. I like to see the people. I look forward to seeing my customers every day. They become friends actually after you've been there for so long. I'm getting a great benefit package. I'm home every night with my wife. And I'm off on the weekends. That's a great job to be at for a tractor trailer driver. UPS wants you to be the best out there that you can be. Beyond the next guy. They expect the best. And that's what I try to perform every day. I don't mind waking up on Monday morning and coming to work. Because I can't wait to go see my customers. I can't wait to move the commerce. I can't wait to get in my tractor.