UPS - Part-Time Package Handler

Experience full-time benefits as part-time employee for UPS. As a part-time package handler you can work part time and receive full health benefits. In this career and job recruitment video you will see how working part-time job as a package handler for UPS is a great job for those in need of flexible shifts and good benefits. Mothers and other should take a good look at working part time handling packages for delivery at UPS.

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Video Transcript:
Everybody looks at me and they're like, "you work at UPS?" Of course I work here! And I work my butt off, and I try my hardest and I feel great after. I'm helping deliver packages. I'm not driving the truck but I'm in the truck. I'm loading it, getting it ready. So I do feel great about that. Being a single mother and having two children, it's really hard, you know, getting health insurance for your children. And, you know, you pretty much just work here and you get medical, it's amazing. Other jobs don't give you that. I work part-time but I get fulltime benefits. And I have a consistent day. Being at other places, you know, they just put you wherever they want and they don't work for you. And here, you pretty much pick your shift and you stay with it. Some people, they might think "oh no, the job's not that great." But they don't work here, and they won't realize it until they work here. Once they come here, they're not going to want to leave. This is a great environment. To be a role model for my children, you know, they're not like "mommy's always gone." You know, I'm here, but I'm also being a mother, I'm also being a student, I'm also working a job and it just feels great. It's awesome.