UPS - Part-Time Package Handler

A part-time job with UPS is a great way to earn extra money and health benefits. This United Parcel Service job and career recruitment video shows you how working part time as a package handler offers hours that work for you and your life with no weekends. the package handler position is a great second job with early morning, afternoon and late night shifts available. See how you UPS can help you get ahead with a good paying part time job and health and vacation benefits.

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Video Transcript:
Originally I just wanted to pick up a few of extra bucks for the holiday season and here it is six years later and I'm still here. You're not going to find a part time job that will pay you for vacation time, or sick time, or personal time or even the medical insurance. They've got a good policy for that, you won't find that at any other part time job anywhere that I know of. A lot of part time jobs you're having to work on their schedule, on the weekends, on the holidays, on Sundays. This is only five days a week, I'm home on the weekends, I spend time with my family and that's a good plus for me. The reality of the job is you're unloading boxes onto a conveyor belt that is processed through the rest of the plant. You are trying to maintain a certain flow that they want you to maintain. I work with a great group of people. They all help one another. So when we're doubled up it's a team effort to get the truck down. There comes a time in your life where you have to turn around and say to yourself whether or not you want to do this, what are the benefits, what are the pros and cons out of it. Everything that has happened to me here has been a benefit, so it works for me.