UPS - Driver Helper

Work in your own community as a seasonal driver helper for UPS. In this recruitment video for the United Parcel Service you can see what it's like to be a driver helper. Earn extra cash for the holidays helping to deliver packages to residents and businesses near your hometown. A part-time job seasonal job with UPS is a great way to have extra pay for the winter season.

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Video Transcript:
Driver helper position is for someone who likes to work outdoors in any sort of weather, whether it be rain, snow, sleet or a gorgeous, sunny day. Someone that can work in a fast-paced environment. You meet the driver at the same location every day, typically in your own community. It's great holiday cash while on my college break. Hi, what's going on? Oh, nothing much, how are you? I'd work five days per week, Monday through Friday. You hop on the car with the driver, do some delivery for the day and you also know the community well enough because you live there, and you see people you know, it's always nice to greet around the holidays. Typically you're with the same driver every day, so you build a rapport with the person. You also get to know a lot about their career and what they did at UPS and how they got to where they are. Your driver sets expectations for you and as long as you know them and follow them and you follow through with what they're looking for, there's really no questions to ask. You're on the truck, you deliver the package, you go to get back on and do it again. The nice thing too is, everybody likes to receive a gift. Or when they're package arrives, they're just glowing, they're happy to see you, and that's a nice feeling to know that this person wants me to come and see them and deliver their package. When December 25th hits, that's the end of the job, thank you and I'll see you next year.