Terminal Manager

Terminal Managers and Assistant Terminal Managers have many responsibilities at CLI Transport. Serving as a team lead and support system for a network of drivers, this position has both office days and days in the field, whether it be ride-alongs, training, or in maintenance. The Terminal Manager position is very much like running your own business. The Assistant Terminal Manager role is one of great opportunity and training, providing support to the Terminal Manager and Drivers, while building relationships for the next step of their career. Watch this video to hear from John and Greg, who provide insight into the culture of CLI within a fast-pace and rewarding environment.

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Video Transcript:
We basically oversee the terminal on a day to day basis, interaction with drivers, making sure the equipment's up to speed, safe and legal. The days are very quick. The unique thing about this position is one day is never the same. Each day presents new, unique challenges. Running a terminal is very much like running your own business. You're in charge of your own budget, scheduling the drivers, answer any questions they may have or concerns, HR support, or support with their equipment, that could be a number of different things. The training at CLI has been great. My co-workers, you couldn't ask for a better group of people. It's a great team environment. There's a lot of different moving parts with this position and right now the biggest challenge as Assistant Terminal Manager is just trying to soak in all the different variables that you experience on a daily basis. Right now I'm a Terminal Manager Unassigned, which specifically means I'm not assigned to one terminal. I've done some traveling to different terminals. Could be a week at a time, 2 weeks at a time, or a couple of days out of the week. We're available 24/7 for drivers, for dispatchers, for everyone within the company. As an Assistant Terminal Manager you travel weekly to help out where you're needed. Somebody doesn't have to have a petroleum background to be successful in this job. Just good people skills, good math skills, and the ability to communicate. It's a great company to work for. The growth opportunity is just unbelievable.