The Select Group is looking for candidates for job placement in IT and high technology across the United States. In this career and job recruitment video you will see how The Select Group has changes people lives through the job matches they have made. If you are a software engineer, IT/Information Technology specialist and looking for temporary/contract work or long term job placement the Select Group may have a position for you. The Select Group works with top-notch employers who value your skills.

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Video Transcript:
We pride ourselves on building the relationship with the candidate as opposed to just placing the candidate. How are you? Great to see you again. They put a lot of time and energy into making us feel like valued assets. Turning to Select Group can help us grow and scale our business. The Select Group is revolutionizing this industry. Hey Robert, how you doing? My name is Byron Dunn calling from The Select Group. I do have an opportunity based on your background you’d be a great fit for. If anyone were to walk in the doors at The Select Group they would immediately see that we’ve got a very fun and dynamic culture here. They’re emailing you the offer right now, congratulations Matt! Yeah! Every time you make a placement you ring that gong and the whole company stands up. It’s the whole company’s victory and we do it as a team. We pride ourselves on hiring people that are absolutely relentless when it comes to finding people great jobs and taking care of our customers. I want to hit the phones hard, we’ve got to find somebody by tomorrow at 4 o’clock, nothing wrong with a little pressure. The Select Group is specialized in IT and engineering positions. Anything that really is high tech and a very specific skill set. We’ve got an extensive network built up. So you can expect to see some people from us probably tomorrow. The Select Group was founded in 1999. And over the last five years we’ve actually had the most explosive growth. We’re currently one of the fastest growing recruiting firms in the nation. They know that I am a valuable resource to their business. They treat me like an employee, not just a body. We take pride in the whole process from that first phone call all the way through to the offer. We invite all of our candidates to come into our office and meet with us. That’s extremely important. We build on that by actually walking them into their first interview. They really understand our culture and what it takes to be successful and to place an employee. I absolutely require an onsite visit with every new customer. We really want to make sure we understand their environment, so our candidates are a great fit all around. They can work with us in a very boutique, close relationship and help deliver top level employees to our organization. We act more like a partner. A lot of our clients think of us as an extension of their HR department. On the candidate side, the biggest differentiator is our personal touch. If you’re a candidate looking for a recruiting company you want somebody who loves where they work and is excited about what they do. We’ve been very fortunate to receive a lot of accolades. Inc. 500 lists... Fast 50... Top places to work... Top entrepreneur of the year. There’s a reason they’ve grown so rapidly and there’s a reason they’ve won a lot of awards. We absolutely have fallen in love with finding people great jobs and people say we’ve changed their life. Every interview I’ve been on for The Select Group has been a high quality company with a high quality software engineering department. They’re very driven. They understand the customer needs and they roll up their sleeves and get the job done at the end of the day. The Select Group has those high quality relationships. I don’t go into anybody else but The Select Group.