The pharmacy video shows why pharmacists at Yale-New Haven Hospital have a great deal of growth opportunity in the central pharmacy as well as satellite stations serving a wide range of patient areas including Critical Care, Pediatrics, Oncology, Transplant and Med/Surg. Pharmacists dispense, round, and also work in telepharmacy roles.

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Video Transcript:
I like to think that I'm involved in cutting edge research that will change the practice in pharmacy and change medicine. I'm Sam Abdelghany. I'm the Coordinator of the Investigational Drug Service at Yale-New Haven Hospital. Anybody that gets enrolled in clinical trials, they get assigned medication. My job is to make sure the right patient gets the right drug on the right protocol. I started as a student, so in my fourth year I spent a one month rotation in inpatient oncology. And basically this rotation changed my life. I'm still here 12 years later because a position in oncology was open, I stayed on and now the research. The opportunity to practice pharmacy in a progressive environment where pharmacists are well regarded. What I do every day is on the leading edge of pharmacy and medicine in general. So in clinical trials I see new treatments and drugs for Alzheimer's disease, cancer, depression, you name it. So this opportunity is so unique I don't think I can see that anywhere else. I really love the people I work with. Some of them are my best friends. The second important point from a career perspective is the opportunity to advance without having to leave. The pharmacy's growing; the practice of pharmacy within Yale-New Haven Hospital is also growing, so there's always a challenge here. I can promise you you will be involved with patient care, you will work closely with physicians and nurses. Down the road really the sky's the limit.