Operating Room

The operating room video for YNHH addresses the extensive surgical services encompassing some of the most sophisticated procedures and advanced technologies in the world. These services offer a wide range of experience and opportunity spread across a variety of clinical areas.

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Video Transcript:
I love the operating room and I can't imagine my life anywhere else. My name is Melanie Pipping. I'm an RN in the Perioperative Department at Yale-New Haven Hospital. I'm a circulating nurse and what I do is in the operating room we're the administrators of the room basically. We connect and communicate constantly with anesthesia, outside departments and the patient family as well. Because our patients are asleep we make sure that they're safe, that the sterile field is maintained. I specialize in transplant surgery. However, I do a wide variety of cases. It's a fast moving pace but it's a very organized pace, very well controlled with everything we need right at hand's reach. We determine and coordinate with the rest of the team to make sure that we are in agreement on the type of procedure. I have a fantastic team. I can't tell you how much I love what I do. The communication that we have, everything is with your eyes. We oversee every part of a patient's care. And to be able to be a part of such a huge part in a patient's life, there is no more intimate setting than having yourself exposed like you are in surgery. Among my friends, I have the reputation of having the coolest job ever. I take great pride in what I do. I love my job.