Yale-New Haven Hospital's laboratory video gives candidates a look at a very robust Laboratory Medicine program, providing a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art diagnostic testing services, performing nearly 5 million tests per year.

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Video Transcript:
In my department we deal with a lot of bacteria. Now we can report to the doctor within minutes what a bacteria is and it gives them a better chance of giving an antibiotic to the patient. My name is Fernando Marreiros and I'm the Evening Coordinator in the Microbiology Department in Laboratory Medicine at Yale-New Haven Hospital. My responsibility is to do scheduling, coordinate the evening shift. I'm also a tech so I do a lot of the work myself. Our lab is one lab. We actually have virology and microbiology, chemistry, hematology in the core processing area, immunology and some special chemistry. In microbiology we get urine specimens, stool specimens, respiratory specimens from all the different floors. Then we get from outside clinics and we actually plate them onto microbiology plates and grow the bacteria and then proceed to identify them. We do some PCR which is amplification of bacteria based on DNA. We're bringing in some new technology where we're using bacterial cell membranes to determine what they are a lot quicker. Some of the bacteria that I would never see in a smaller laboratory I've learned about here, because there's a wider amount of patients that we deal with. There's a lot of opportunity. I started two years ago, six months later I was put into the evening coordinator position. There's always opportunity to advance at Yale-New Haven Hospital.