Intensive Care Unit

The YNHH ICU video portrays the opportunity staff have to expand their skills through the teaching and mentoring component, and additionally there is a float pool that offers some staff the opportunity to touch a variety of clinical areas.

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Video Transcript:
We get the really acutely sick patients that come in; very unstable. Being a teaching hospital, it's also a bigger hospital too so we see a lot of very different patients that you probably wouldn't see at a smaller hospital; very complex situations. My name is Keri Riccardo, and I'm a Registered Nurse in the Medical ICU at Yale-New Haven Hospital. We just got a brand new intensive care unit. We are very advanced. We have two floors. We have over 200 nurses. I like looking into patients more thoroughly in the ICU. I really like that aspect. I like fast pace. You have to be on your toes cause things can change in a second. And you have to be really in tune to the very small details that can change in the lab results. I like knowing that I helped make their day a little bit better by helping comfort them. I love that it's a teaching hospital. I really learned a lot of the years you know. We have rounding with the interns, residents, attendings, very collaborative. Everybody is very close and in-loop. The doctors we work with, they treat us like you know we're all on the same level. They ask us for our opinions. I really like the teamwork we have. It's such a large hospital. There's so many specialties; a lot of area for advancement. Anybody can go anywhere. I love the educational experience. And at the end of the day I like knowing that I have impacted somebody's life positively.