Adult Emergency Department

The emergency department video shows why it is unique in that it has tremendous capability to handle all acuity except for burn patients. There is a very diverse population of patients and conditions, the YNHH adult ED is a Level 1 Trauma Center, and satellite EDs spread across the specialties and campuses offer a great deal of learning and growth opportunity.

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Video Transcript:
We're a level-1 trauma center. We provide the hospital with the majority of its incoming patients. I'm John Sward. I am the Patient Service Manager of the Adult Emergency Department of Yale-New Haven Hospital. We see upwards of 90,000 visits in a calendar year and our volume continues to grow. We have a brand new facility. Millions and millions of dollars have been invested in making an environment that is the best for patients to be treated in an emergency. The emergency department leadership team all have grown up here and risen up through the ranks. I'm a registered nurse. I got a master's degree from Yale University in nursing. The hospital health system provided me with tuition reimbursement that assisted me. Certainly it's a sense of pride to work here but it's also the thought that what we have to offer here is what many other places do not offer. And we want to attract the best employees. The culture here one where not only do we care about our patients, our patients are always the first priority. But we also care about our employees. The opportunities are unlimited. You only limit yourself. I think it's a great place to work. Come take a look at us.