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Yale-New Haven Hospital is a world-class healthcare institution, committed to family-centered service excellence, and recognized by U.S. News and World Report as one of America's best hospitals. From its team of highly trained medical professionals, to its cutting-edge technology, comprehensive range of health care specialties, as well as its impressive and expanding facilities, YNHH offers an extraordinary place to work and grow. The career video gives candidates an overview of why this dynamic culture makes YNHH a recognized employer of choice.

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Video Transcript:
I love the patient contact and making a positive impact during their care. We're bringing in new technology. Now we can report to the doctor within minutes. I've had so much challenge and diversity in my cases. It's what makes me love what I do. It's a new challenge every day. If you are a team player, the opportunities are endless for you here. Yale-New Haven Hospital is my home. Yale-New Haven Hospital is a destination hospital, we're a large academic medical center, over 1500 beds. Our mission is three-fold. It's patient care, it's teaching and it's research. There has been dramatic clinical growth here. The Smilow Cancer Hospital is based on the campus. We've built a network of outpatient services throughout Connecticut. The most recent growth has been the acquisition of the hospital of Saint Raphael. We've seen growth in our prominent clinical service lines: Our children's hospital; The Smilow Cancer Hospital; Our services for heart and vascular care; Our neurosciences; and solid organ transplant program. Most recently we've built a sixth center of excellence around musculoskeletal disease. For me service excellence means the optimal care for your patient; Making sure that they have everything that they need to treat the patients like they're family. When I can do something to make our patient's life better, see the patients get healthier, that makes me feel good. It makes me feel good about what we do here. All of us as a team we all contribute to what I would say is excellent patient care. It's all about the patient. We're definitely on the cutting edge of technology. In our department, we're learning new things all the time. We have the MRI suite for the neurosurgery. It really streamlines surgery. We just brought in the mass spec; it actually does cell proteins so that's something that you would never be able to afford at a smaller hospital. The quicker I can get that sample done, the quicker I'm helping that patient. Because we are a teaching hospital it's always a learning process. Even every day, I still learn something new. What's kept me here at Yale-New Haven Hospital for 15 years is the endless opportunities and the potential for growth. I've accomplished quite a few things here. I accepted a job in human resources, I worked there for quite a few years, and I decided to go back to school for x-ray tech. I took advantage of the tuition reimbursement. That was definitely a great opportunity that the hospital offered. I took advantage of the home buyer's program, where the hospital will give you down payment assistance. There's an extraordinary sense of family here. We have very long service employees. You'll see that our employee heroes are prominently displayed in the corridors. New Haven is a great location. We're in the middle between Boston and New York. We've got the beach. You can go skiing in the mountains. The experience that I get here at Yale-New Haven Hospital, I wouldn't get at any other hospital. I mean it sincerely, you know, I think this is really a wonderful place to work.