Lead Driver

This video highlights what it's like to be a lead driver for Waste Connections by introducing you to Robert Neel, lead driver who started out on the back of a truck and worked his way up. A typical day on Robert's route consists of 5 to 700 stops to collect, dispose and recycle the communities solid waste. Robert is responsible for the helpers on his truck and he likes to get out and help with the trash and views it as a good source of exercise. Robert, like many of the drivers, finds it satisfying to get out and help the community, meet new people and go home with a sense of accomplishment each day.

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Video Transcript:
I love it, I love being out and working with the guys here and working in the public and meeting people out. I'm Robert Neel and I'm a Lead Driver for Waste Connections. We start out our day checking our trucks out and getting them ready to go and we go out to the route and gather up the garbage. Most routes we'll get 5-7 hundred stops a day. It's a pretty good days work. You're pretty much responsible for the whole crew, you have to keep an eye on your helpers and know where they are at. And all the obstacles you run through the days time. It's not just a driver. You've got to get out and dump cans with the rest of them. I do like the physical aspect of it. It gives you a little exercise and you get out and feel like you've done something at the end of the day. You start out as a helper a lot of times or a driver in residential. You can go a couple of different ways. You can move into commercial and the roll off or the front load. The most satisfying part to me is the people that you meet out on the road and have them pat you on the back or say thank you or realize that you've actually helped somebody. You all are doing a very good job. Thank you, we appreciate you. I'm doing a job that a lot of people don't want to do or don't care to do. Sometimes it's easy to over look what a trash man does without appreciating it. At the end of the day it's fulfilling.