Advice To Women At UPS

Potential UPS candidates can gain a unique perspective from this video that features newer employees interviewing more tenured UPS employees. This video focuses on the support for women at UPS. UPS has programs geared specifically toward helping female employees at UPS find a career that fits them and their life. UPS encourages women to seek greater roles within the company. This video will show you that UPS is a great place for women to bring and grow their careers.

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Video Transcript:
What advice would you give other women who are trying to move up at UPS? You have to stay true to yourself and define what your sky is. Where is your sky? Once you define that then you let your supervisor, your business manager know. And I think that other thing is stay true to yourself, you always have to stay true to yourself. You are who you are, your values, how you were raised, so I think that's very important too. What was your sky when you started? My sky was to be a district manager. I was promoted in 2001 and when I got promoted to regional manager I was shocked. It went beyond my sky and I had to pinch myself because it is such a great company and there are so many great people out there. And I just feel very fortunate to have been with such a wonderful organization for 28 years. What advice can you give us, to us the female UPSers? I would always say to the UPS females that you will never have to stop believing in the opportunities that you can get in UPS. Females can do a very good job for UPS and they've proven that. We have many very intelligent women in our management committee. We have many of them in the different regions, in the different districts. And what I will say to you all: be patient, do the best you do every single day, love what you do and you will be able to achieve more responsibilities for UPS if that is what you want to do for your life.