Technology At UPS

Potential UPS candidates can gain a unique perspective from this video that features newer employees interviewing more tenured UPS employees. This video focuses the Technology at UPS. Employees from package delivery drivers to sales representatives have the latest tools and technology to help them in their roles. This video also shows how UPS utilizes internal communication tools to keep employees in touch with what is happening across the company. This video will show potential candidates that UPS is a great place to bring your career.

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Video Transcript:
From a technology standpoint, UPS does spend an awful lot of money to make sure that our customers have the most up-to-date technology and really, we're on the forefront of what we offer our customers. With the system that they have, it's definitely a lot easier with what we call ED. That has everything listed for us in the order that we're supposed to deliver. It definitely makes it a lot easier than back in the day they didn't even have diads all they had was the paper that they had to fill out. So it definitely makes it a lot easier to do your job with just one piece of equipment instead of trying to use a couple of different things. I'm selling UPS Services. You go in there and it's so much tools that you can go and you can click while you are talking to the customer. So you are on the computer and you are talking to the customer and the customer just happens to bring up the technology services. So while you are talking to them you say yes and you go on your computer you could click on these different options. They also do a lot internally. The web sites that we have access to as employees. The different sites and the places that we can go to get information about the company, to get information about our benefits, stories about what's going on with UPS around the world and around the country. There's a host of different places that they do a good job of really updating so that we're informed. And also, of course, our internal technology that allows us to get the kind of information we need to answer customer questions, and to follow up with them.