Global Footprint At UPS

Potential UPS candidates can gain a unique perspective from this video that features newer employees interviewing more tenured UPS employees. This video focuses on the global footprint of UPS. UPS operates in over 220 countries around the world. One can start off as a supervisor and later work in different regions of the globe. Package handlers, package delivery drivers and operations supervisors will learn a lot about how the supply chain at UPS leads to global opportunities and growth for the company as a whole. In this video you will see that UPS is making an impact around the world and you can be a part of it!

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Video Transcript:
Could you tell me about the global aspects of UPS and what that means in terms of opportunity? Well global is our growth engine right now. We are in over 220 countries and there is a lot of opportunity and it really, really helps our multinational customers. They see us as one company whether we're moving freight, small package, whether we are helping them with their warehousing. So UPS is a very, very big player with a lot of companies. Have you yourself experienced any of the opportunities globally? Oh absolutely, one of the jobs that I had prior to becoming a UPS Operations Manager was President of the America's region. That region was made up of 57 different countries so you had to note the laws, practices and business practices of each individual country. It also offered me the opportunity to embrace different cultures, meet different people, learn how you do business outside the US. So it was good from a business acumen stand point for me to be involved and it helps me in my daily duties here at UPS today. What can you tell us about the importance of the global growth of UPS? I found it to be the most important thing that we need to do going into the future. Being part of the supply chain has delivered one of the biggest portfolios that there is in the industry. And that gives us the opportunity to grow globally to provide companies with a global service that will enable them to deliver the best to their customers. And we need to be part of that. That is what is going to keep us going through different challenges and certainly will drive opportunities so I think it is a key factor for our future.