Diversity At UPS

Potential UPS candidates will gain a unique perspective from this video that features newer employees interviewing more tenured UPS employees. This video focuses on Diversity. UPS prides itself on diversity in the work place and has several programs on different diverse groups within the company. UPS also values diversity of thought and embraces different cultures and perspectives. By watching this career video on diversity you will see why UPS is a great place to work.

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Video Transcript:
What can you tell me about diversity at UPS? I would tell you first off that I think that UPS is an outstanding organization in terms of how much we embrace diversity and as a global organization who does business in over 220 different countries. We have very good ethical practices in place where we embrace diversity and allow everyone from every walk of life to move up within the organization. What can you tell us about different diversity programs that UPS give us? We have Women's Leadership Development and through this program we started to understand the needs of the woman and we created special forums to start orienting our females of how they could balance life, which was a key component. How to network within UPS so that they could have other opportunities within other departments. So it is a very, very useful forum that we have been able to achieve. What do you think is important about diversity at UPS? Diversity really is what makes a great company be even greater. And that's where we are at UPS. Diversity is very, very important because it is different thoughts. You get different thoughts, you get different points of view and I think that is very important. We have the urban league, the national urban league; we're very, very involved with as an organization. We try to get involved with a lot of different diverse groups. Diversity is very important to me and to UPS.