Career Development At UPS

Potential UPS candidates will gain a unique perspective from this video that features newer employees interviewing more tenured UPS employees. This video focuses on Career Development. At UPS there are clear progressions for package handlers, package delivery drivers and operations supervisors. UPS also encourages employees to explore different business units and functions within UPS. There are often mentors to help you along the way. In this video you will see that UPS is a great place to bring your career.

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Video Transcript:
The culture here is unique because we have a promotion from within policy and the upward mobility opportunities that existed during my career still exist today. So I've had the opportunity to have many different careers without ever having to leave and go to another organization and I've been allowed to work in many different departments. I've worked in human resources, in operations, industrial engineering. Every facet of the business I've an opportunity to work within. I always look at someone's drive, the passion, obviously integrity. Integrity is very, very important to UPS and our work ethic, everyone works extremely hard at UPS. But I think it's important how you treat people, you lead people, you communicate to them…so those are some of the qualities that I look at and UPS looks at. You have to say I want to be there. But you also have to have a plan of how you're going to be developing yourself through the process, not only in UPS but outside of UPS to be able to achieve that and it is a balance. You have to be able to work through UPS and also through your personal development because that embraces you and that puts you in a much better position. I'd ask you to finish your education, look for every opportunity to move up within the organization. For those things that you don't know, ask as many questions as possible when you see someone doing something that you don't know, ask them to stop and take a minute to explain that process and procedure and the benefits of executing it. Always keep a hunger to learn as much as you can about not only UPS but about business in general. I'd encourage you to ask every person that you are associated with, to look for opportunities that may benefit you and for you on the other hand to look for those opportunities. Apply yourself on a daily basis, show up on time, produce great quality work. Have a great work ethic and embrace growth.