UPS - St. Louis, MO

Potential UPS candidates will gain a unique perspective from this video that features a newer employee interviewing a more tenured UPS employee. This video focuses on the training and support individuals are given in the pursuit of their career at UPS. At UPS St. Louis, Missouri, nationally and internationally there is clear progression for package handlers, package delivery drivers and operations supervisors. UPS also encourages employees to explore different business units and functions within UPS. There are often mentors to help you along the way. In this video you will see that UPS is a great place to bring your career.

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Video Transcript:
Recently Cathy sat down with Romaine Seguin, President of Americas for UPS. Romaine also started as a package handler and like Cathy went on to be a driver from there she worked her way up the ladder at UPS. Cathy wanted to know about how Romaine had achieved her success and whether or not she had any advice for a new employee like herself. This was their conversation. How important was UPS training in your career? Training at UPS is probably our foundation, whether you're sorting in the sort house there is a process. Whether you are in front of a customer, there are certain processes that you follow. We teach management how to communicate, we teach management people how to approach different situations. Every day we get trained. The training is very important to our success and it' taught me discipline. What advice would you give to young UPS staff? I always look at some one's drive, the passion. Obviously integrity, integrity is very, very important to UPS. No matter where you are currently in your job right now, what is your sky? Is your sky to be a Business Manager of a center? Is your sky to be a Director of Sales? Is your sky to be a CEO? And once you define that talk to the next level of management. Stay true to yourself. What is the single most compelling reason to join UPS? The people. There are so many wonderful people. Look how long we stay around. The people are just wonderful.