UPS - Mexico City

Potential UPS candidates will gain a unique perspective from this video that features a newer employee interviewing a more tenured UPS employee. This video focuses on advancing ones career at UPS and the companies' global growth, particularly in Mexico. At UPS there is clear progression for package handlers, package delivery drivers and operations supervisors. UPS also encourages employees to explore different business units and functions within UPS. There are often mentors to help you along the way. In this video you will see that UPS is a great place to bring your career.

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Video Transcript:
Recently Adriana sat down with Griselda Hernandez, the Director of Operations for the North Latin America Zone in the Americas Region. Like Adriana, Griselda worked as an operations supervisor and from there worked her way up the ladder at UPS. Adrianna wanted to know about how Griselda had achieved her success and whether or not she had any advice for a newer employee like herself. This was their conversation. What does the global growth mean for the employees at UPS? I found it to be the most important thing that we need to do, going into the future. It's going to create opportunities to keep our growth. Maintaining the growth that we have had in a 107 years, global growth for us is what is going to keep us alive. It's a key factor for our future. Are there any projects that stand out in your UPS career? I have had the opportunity to grow the company in Mexico. One of the key projects was to be able to grow from 23 operations to 70 during all these 5 years. What advice would you give to women working at UPS? You have to have a plan about how you are going to be developing yourself. Not only within UPS but outside of UPS to be able to achieve that and it is a balance. If you believe in yourself and you love what you do, you will be able to do what ever you want to achieve through UPS in your career.