UPS - Part-Time Package Handler

A part-time job with UPS is a great way to earn money for college. This United Parcel Service job and career recruitment video shows you how working part time as a package handler offers hours that work for you and your college life with no weekends. Part time hours are ideal for college students with early morning and late night shifts and you are offered health benefits. See how you UPS can help you earn college money provide valuable experience and benefits.

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Video Transcript:
You work part-time but you basically have all these awesome benefits that are fulltime, in a sense, and you know there's not a lot of companies out there that do offer what UPS does. They're offering programs that are geared toward assisting students and their financial needs for college. The most important thing is that it allows me to go to school during the day, and that's huge. I work at 3:30 in the morning until 9 in the morning, five days a week. People that have not worked over here at UPS ever, may not realize that the job is a lot easier than they think it is. Whenever I come in here every day I'm thinking, "well, awesome, I get to come in here again every morning, I get to do my job, I get to feel good about myself, I get to have a pretty good workout, talk to my team members." I love the atmosphere out there. You're in college, you're taking college courses, you're preparing for life after college, you're thinking "what am I going to do after college?" You know I'm just here trying to figure out my life. And you realize oh, I have a job at UPS and after college, who knows? UPS could be my future employer.