UPS - Package Delivery Driver

Being a package delivery driver with UPS is the perfect job for someone who is self-disciplined and doesn't mind being physical. In this job and recruitment video for United Parcel Service you will see how delivery drivers enjoy the challenge driving their assigned routes and delivering all of their packages to customers. You work by yourself but always have the support of others if needed. The hours are great and there are no-weekends. In addition as an employee for UPS you will have health benefits and paid vacation.

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Video Transcript:
I think a lot of the appeal is being on your own, being out you know on an everyday basis by yourself and doing the job. You come in in the morning and pretty much it's just all about delivering, interacting with your customers and enjoy the day. On the computer that we have, it has a whole list of every street that you're supposed to deliver to. We go in the back of the truck and we get the packages. We scan them. And then they can track it. How you doing today? You're required to lift up to about 70 pounds but I mean as time goes on, you feel that you can lift a lot more. I can probably carry 100 pounds and you wouldn't think so by looking at me. It's a good feeling, especially I think being a woman. It makes you feel good at the end of the day. Especially when you know your customers, you're servicing them; they're excited about the packages. It's a good feeling. It really is. Getting a little busier now, huh? I'm pretty satisfied. I work Monday through Friday, we have weekends off, paid vacation, paid sick days. I wouldn't expect somebody out of high school to have a job that pays the money that it pays, the benefits that it has. So I'm definitely satisfied with my job at this point in my life.