UPS - IT Solutions Manager

This UPS Customer Solutions video presents the company's IT capabilities in terms of integrate package delivery solutions into existing client infrastructure, as well as innovative solutions for updating that client infrastructure to meet the client's growing and changing needs.

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Video Transcript:
Every request that comes my way, technically we can do it. Hi, my name is Aparna Shroff and I'm an Area Manager in the technology practice area in Customer Solutions. We are responsible for creating customizable and configurable IT solutions in the areas of shipping, visibility and billing. I've got people who are core developers, people who write requirements and help customer technology group decide whether we can we take on the development of this project, is it configurable, is it a one-time only deal and there are no rules per se. You are able to explore and you're going to say ok I know we can do this. Whether it's connection practice area, supply chain practice area, technology practice area. If we can make a business case on why we should take on something we've never taken on before, we get the backing for it. There is a lot of recognition here for thinking outside the box. Exploring stuff that we've never explored before. Having a degree with abilities to think creatively, think in terms of making better, simpler, I think those are the types of people I would bring on. My best developer has a degree in liberal arts and he probably can figure out any platform out there. So I don't think there's anything holding anybody back but themselves. Be excited about what you want to do. Be in a position to say yes we can. That has kept this company flourishing for 100+ years. I'm a very proud UPSer!