UPS - Introduction

This video stars the UPS Vice President of Customer Solutions, who gives a great overview of the business career opportunities within this segment of what is typically thought of as a package delivery company. UPS Customer Solutions employees interface with clients as consultants to explore, create, execute and maintain innovative delivery and transportation solutions that meet clients' needs.

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Video Transcript:
Hi, I'm Sunny Nastase, Vice President, UPS Customer Solutions. People think of UPS as a small package delivery company, and indeed we are. But many of our careers are business type careers. We are consultants in customer solutions. We very much address customer's business needs. There are three unique delivery areas within the customer solutions group customer facing, these are the people that are out in front of the customer, listening, understanding customer needs. Our solutions design and implementation group is really about taking those solutions and executing them, putting them in place as a project within a customer. And then our program management team serves the customer over time, manages the business for us on a day to day basis. Solutions might be things like visibility. It might be things like designing warehouses for them or even where those warehouses should be. We're a global organization. We are nimble and quick particularly in the customer solutions group. We are an innovative organization. Creating new processes, new tools and new ideas to help our customer be more competitive. Customer solutions is a growing area within UPS. That growth means opportunity for advancement. We really do a great job in training and developing our people. So people have a very strong spirited team environment here. UPS is a great career choice. For challenge, for growth opportunity, it's a very dynamic environment.