UPS - Global Program Manager

This UPS video introduces the role of global program manager, with responsibility of ensuring all UPS products and solutions are execued to the highest standards. This position is both customer and internal facing and provides a challenging and satisfying career with great growth and opportunity potential.

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Video Transcript:
As program management we're really sort of the quarterback for the organization. My name is Serena Hawkins Leris, I'm a Global Program Manager with UPS Customer Solutions. We take everything that sales and that the solutions engagements teams do and interact with our customers, we perform the quarterly business reviews, site visits to audit exactly what our operations are doing. To ensure that they're executing to the contract. Every day is different. Life within program management is mixed between customer facing and internal facing. We do a lot of work internally. Knocking down barriers, looking for information. The challenge for many people that work for UPS is how do we go out there and build solutions that protect both the customer as well as UPS. Supply chain logistics is extremely difficult to keep up with because everything is changing. The environment of program management, you have to be self motivated. You have to be self disciplined. Effective communicator and able to sort of lead a crowd. We're responsible for all of the products that UPS offer. The satisfaction is really getting out there and knowing at the end of the day that you're helping grow the business, you're helping grow the organization and helping build the right foundations and effect change. That's really rewarding to me because the opportunity is unlimited here at UPS.