UPS - Solutions Engagement Manager

This UPS video explores a customer facing role, in which Brian interfaces with clients as a consultant and advisor to integrate solutions in the areas of engineering, supply chain optimization, sustanability and I-T integration. UPS partners with its clients to help create innovative solutions.

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Video Transcript:
My job as customer facing is to paint that picture of what the benefit is to integrating transportation related information upstream in a business process. Hello I'm Brian Woodman and I'm a Solutions Engagement Manager at UPS. I also talk to companies about right sizing their network. Are you looking to maximize inventory? Are you looking to reduce your transportation spend? Are you looking to reduce or eliminate certain facilities? I involve the different practice areas that I represent, which include engineering, supply chain optimization, the sustainability practice and the information technology integration practice. The best thing about working in customer solutions, in particular customer facing, is you get to engage with all of these amazing companies that are customers of UPS. And you have unlimited access to all the resources that UPS offers. It gives me the ability to make a positive impact on the customers we serve. The team that I represent are in fact some of the brightest and most energetic folks I have ever worked with. Having the opportunity to learn from each other to me is one of the biggest advantages that we have in this customer solution space. When it comes to opportunities for growth it's really only limited by your abilities and your desires of where you want to go in the organization. It might sound corny, but I still get a charge out of telling people that I work for UPS. This is absolutely the most fun you can imagine.