UPS - International Account Executive

UPS is hiring account executives to handle international clients. This United Parcel Service job and career recruitment video you shows how you a sales career with UPS is backed by a strong reputation for quality and service. You will help business customers with their shipping and supply chain solutions. In return you will enjoy professional opportunities,training,good benefits and a great work-life balance.

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Video Transcript:
I'm an International Account Executive. It's very similar to other sales positions, in that we're out engaging with the customer and selling UPS products. However, we focus on the international products. One of the best parts of the job is that you're out all day, seeing different people, different locations and it allows for a lot of variety in the job. As well as simply being a sales person, we're a consultant to the customer. It's almost like I'm out there working as a contractor for a hundred different companies, trying to make each one of those supply chains work a little bit more efficiently. We can simply scan that and bring up the image of your commercial invoice. UPS comes with some reputation and gives you some entrée into customers that other sales people just don't get. Certainly we receive a lot of training. More training than any other company that I'm aware of. It's amazing the level of support that you get in many different facets of your job working at UPS. I teach at a community college, I teach international business, I am active on the local district export council. I've never seen a company with as comprehensive a benefit package as we have at UPS. I have found it is very gratifying. I enjoy the things that I do and I'm always given the opportunity to learn more and do more.