Senior Vice President

UMT is a global management consulting firm and a pioneer in Project Portfolio Management. Utilizing innovative processes and cutting-edge technology, UMT's consultants help Fortune 1000 companies achieve important change in business performance. It is UMT's dedicated, thought-leading team members who have helped clients bridge the gap between strategy and execution for over 20 years. In this video, Senior Vice President Milena Beshkova discusses the diversity at UMT, and the opportunity to make a difference.

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Video Transcript:
Every day in doing my job I feel that I'm valued. I feel that my advice is making a difference. As a Senior Vice President, I manage the relationship with the client. UMT is the company that pioneered portfolio management. It's a fast-growing team. It's very diverse and international. It's an extremely collaborative and supportive team. So we have a lot of people from Columbia or NYU. Some of them have education in medicine, some of them have in law, a lot of them have backgrounds in engineering or business. My career before UMT was mostly in the finance and banking sector. I really wanted to work for a smaller, but really fast-paced and growing company, and make an impact quickly and be visible. I've been lucky to be with the same client for four years in the food manufacturing sector. My client is a global client so we service five regions and I occasionally travel to each of the regions, visit different manufacturing facilities. It's a lot of fun. You get to see a lot of exciting places; get to meet a lot of different people. What we do best is to figure out what moves and what drives our clients' strategy and how best that can be operationalized. I would say it's a combination of process and technology. I feel that I have a deep knowledge of the sector, of the client's business, but also of the client's personality. And I often know how I can resolve problems they're facing even before they know they're facing the problems. It's extremely satisfying.