Senior Vice President

UMT is a global management consulting firm and a pioneer in Project Portfolio Management. Utilizing innovative processes and cutting-edge technology, UMT's consultants help Fortune 1000 companies achieve important change in business performance. It is UMT's dedicated, thought-leading team members who have helped clients bridge the gap between strategy and execution for over 20 years. In this video, Senior Vice President Artem Koren describes the client engagement and variety of disciplines that drew him to UMT.

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Video Transcript:
Our consultants are from the ground up very high caliber. We are extremely selective about who we take on our team. I'm a Senior Vice President with UMT. One thing that's really attractive for me personally is the variety of the subject matter. I lead engagements; teams of consultants; different accounts, across all the disciplines that UMT covers. I graduated from Columbia engineering with a computer science degree. Basically I felt like I wanted to get a little bit more business dimension to my career. UMT seemed to be a really good fit. We get to play in all sorts of different realms of business; Everything from chemical to financial companies to pharmaceutical firms to oil and gas firms. It lets me flex my creative problem solving. Innovation; it's something we do more or less on a daily basis. UMT really invented, we invented the concept of portfolio management. We also have a very sizeable now product arm that develops comprehensive software for business management, operational management. So we are experts in that software realm. UMT was kind of my transition into the consulting business. It's absolutely very challenging in many different kinds of ways. Because we're a consulting firm we do travel all the time. Our engagements with our clients go from anywhere, 3, 4 months and onwards. But work hard, play hard; we embody that. UMT really values their employees. We pick the best and we treat them accordingly. The word that comes to mind immediately is fun. If you're not having fun on your project team you're not at UMT basically.