UMT is a global management consulting firm and a pioneer in Project Portfolio Management. Utilizing innovative processes and cutting-edge technology, UMT's consultants help Fortune 1000 companies achieve important change in business performance. It is UMT's dedicated, thought-leading team members who have helped clients bridge the gap between strategy and execution for over 20 years. In this video, Partner Thomas Malfi reveals the key to becoming a successful leader within UMT.

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Video Transcript:
A leader sees opportunity and takes it. And that's what it means to be a leader at UMT. So as a partner at UMT, I oversee the east region. I totally love the model in which we meet our clients and then where we become partners with our clients. You kind of do marry with them. UMT is a very special place. We care about our clients' success, not ours. We put our client first. Every client is always asking what makes UMT special. It's always about the people. It's not easy to work for UMT. It's not; we are certainly not a staff augmentation and consulting business. We are certainly not easy to get into. And I think that's what makes us special, because we do take the time to recognize that the people are our face. We believe in teamwork. We work very closely as a team. We look for people that have their extended degrees. We look for people who have had experience; also people who have experience entrepreneurially. Consulting is about doing and delivering value. It's not about telling somebody how valuable you are. You've got to prove it day in and day out. UMT; your growth is up to your performance. And it's you stepping in as a leader and taking over something that you know needs leadership. We have people go very quickly through the ranks; consultant; senior consultant; manager, in a two or three year period because they've taken the opportunity to lead. And taken the opportunity to lead a client and lead the team. All consultants should come into this organization looking to be a leader.