UMT is a global management consulting firm and a pioneer in Project Portfolio Management. Utilizing innovative processes and cutting-edge technology, UMT's consultants help Fortune 1000 companies achieve important change in business performance. It is UMT's dedicated, thought-leading team members who have helped clients bridge the gap between strategy and execution for over 20 years. In this video, Manager Pablo Prieto-Munoz describes the satisfaction he finds as an engineer at UMT, through problem solving in client-facing assignments.

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Video Transcript:
If you're an engineer, you're there because you like solving problems. Joining a company like UMT gives you an opportunity to diversify those problems. So I'm a manager at UMT and that basically means I lead a team of consultants at the client site. I got my PhD at Columbia and I had to debate; what's the next step? Am I going to sit in an office without any windows solving complex differential equations? Or can I be face to face with a client; someone that's making a difference. I met Jordan, head of HR, at a Columbia event. The next interview was actually with Gil, the CEO of the company. So the on boarding process was really a training. It was about three weeks. There's a "boot camp" if you will. And right after that, after those three weeks, we're assembled in teams and we're sent off. My favorite part about it is the client interaction. I find that most of these clients are rather innovative, or looking to be innovative. Right now I'm working with a pharmaceutical company and the problem I'm facing with that pharmaceutical company is basically how to improve interconnectivity between the functional groups of that company. So you have a direct look into how a company functions. And then with that we have a direct input as to how we can improve it. You're so close to something big. You're close to a solution that's saving lives; improving lifestyles. So it's, it's that. You're making a difference.If you want to be challenged, if you want an opportunity to grow as fast as you can, join UMT.