Chief Executive Officer

UMT is a global management consulting firm and a pioneer in Project Portfolio Management. Utilizing innovative processes and cutting-edge technology, UMT's consultants help Fortune 1000 companies achieve important change in business performance. It is UMT's dedicated, thought-leading team members who have helped clients bridge the gap between strategy and execution for over 20 years. In this video. UMT CEO Gil Makleff recounts the birth of the company and the secret to its success.

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Video Transcript:
A lot of consultants use the term, "the UMT family." That's part of why we're so successful. We've always been a creative company. I had a computer science undergraduate from Columbia University and it was a very creative time for us. Nothing was impossible. We built things with no fear. We created a methodology that has been accepted as the premier approach for implementing project and portfolio management solutions in enterprise environments. There are three components that make us unique. One is customer focus. Every customer is unique. The second dimension is really a commitment to excellence. We demand of our team 100% success in client satisfaction; a hundred percent. And the third dimension is teamwork. UMT is a special company also in the fact that most of the senior management team is homegrown. The team is, I would say, collaborative. They're extremely competitive. They're also very nurturing. And there's a big emphasis on supporting new team members. Customer success is the basis for our success long term. If you believe in yourself and if you think that you have a degree of excellence, UMT is the place for you.