Store Support Center

Tractor Supply Company's recruitment video for its Store Support Center gives candidates a well rounded look at the large variety of opportunities and great professional challenge in what is not a corporate headquarters, but rather a true support center for the company's unique and popular stores. Tractor Supply is fast-growing, niche retailer, serving hobby farmers and homeowners who enjoy the out there lifestyle by maintaining and improving their land, and enjoying their animals. Tractor Supply promotes from within, provides excellent training and career tracking opportunities and rewards Associates for their hard work. Associates live by a strong set of corporate values and are driven by the company motto of work hard, have fun, make money at Tractor Supply Company.

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Video Transcript:
Every single day that we're here we're looking for ways to serve our stores to make the stores a more friendly place to shop for our customers. We truly are a store support center, they are our customers, we get emails from the stores we get calls from the stores. And to help them is really a great satisfaction that we get each day. I thought Tractor Supply would be good for IT just because I like the pace of it, we're responding to issues, responding to demands for new items, new products, new functionality for systems. What's making this company grow so fast is the fact that we have a very distinct clientele. We are providing the lifestyle for our customers that live the "out here" lifestyle. We target hobby farmers, people that have normal 9-5 jobs but then they go home and they have a little bit more land. They enjoy having animals. With Tractor Supply we're constantly changing and evolving to meet the needs of the current economy and the needs of our changing customers. I love my job as a space planner, it's very exciting. I get to work with a buying team to find the best placement for items within the stores and then we draw planograms which are footprints of where each product in the store should be placed. I started in inventory management; I am now a merchandise planner. If they see talent they want to support that talent. You're meeting with merchant partners, supply chain team, inventory team, pricing. You have this collaborative effort and you feel that everyone's working toward the same goal. And everyone wants to be successful. We truly do work hard, have fun and make money here. My favorite part of working at Tractor Supply is how passionate all the people here are. To me growth is fun. You're having to implement new things so you're constantly having to be forward thinking. Those are things that actually excite me. Tractor Supply would be a great career move, just from the sheer amount of opportunity within the Store Support Center and then the level of career development they do within the company for you. I've grown as a person, feeling able to take that next step and the confidence to say I can do these next things in my career. IT at Tractor Supply is a great opportunity first and foremost just to be in retail, to understand everything that goes into retail. If you like to work hard, to have fun and to make money this is definitely your place to be.