Merchandising Executive Development Program Video

Make decisions early on in your career while training to be a merchandise buyer with TJX Companies. Hear from those who are going through the program learning to become buyers in the career and job recruitment video. After several weeks of training you will start out as an analyst helping with merchandise distribution and sales. From there the sky is the limit, whether you choose buying or go into planning you will enjoy a friendly team environment and the power to make decisions on what goes into stores. Those with a finance degree and a passion for turning product into sales are encouraged to join the team.

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Video Transcript:
TJX Companies is a global company. Our business is truly about our customers and giving value to our customer. Our buyers are empowered, they really have the clout to make the buys and do the right things. My job is so much fun. It is challenging, it's exciting, it's different every day. I'm Dawn Murano and I'm a Buyer for home decorative accessory area. I love the fact that we have so much power and control over what goes into the stores. We're responsible for a variety, keeping the assortment exciting and new to the customers. I'm Michelle Bierschied and I'm a Buyer. I think that were given the opportunity to be leaders. I'm running a division that I'm in charge of leading that group and setting the tone and creating a culture. I'm Mark DeOliveira, I'm the Vice President of the New York Buying Office. We are allowed to go out and make deals on our own and I can't tell you how exciting that is and how much power that is in the marketplace. I think I've been to 12 states in the last 6 months, I've been to Germany, we'll go anywhere, anywhere for a deal. What is amazing is the business model its all about great value. We don't have a preplan, preset, prematrixed anything and that is incredibly unique when it comes to retail. They really encourage risk taking and the only way that we can keep new and fresh is to try new things. Although you are an individual contributor there is a lot of teamwork, a lot of collaboration. I think that's really important to have someone else to bounce things off of and someone else to say what do you think of this? The European division is expanding rapidly. We are in the U.K., in Germany, we're opening stores in Poland and there's lots of other countries in Europe that are just waiting to start to open up. It's a growing company that's moving very fast. The passion is the product and for me that's what made me want to do the job and that is what keeps me here. When you buy something, a couple weeks later it's on the floor and you see it start to sell. It's the most exciting rewarding thing you can imagine.