Sunoco Logistics Trucking

Sunoco Logistics fills the vital role of moving energy resources through a network of trucks, pipelines and storage terminals to the markets that demand them. We are one of the most dynamic companies in the midstream field, serving the Northeast, Midwest and Gulf Coast regions of the U.S. Sunoco is growing, moving forward with new and innovative projects to further bolster the country's energy infrastructure, creating new jobs and advancing our employees. We joined the Energy Transfer family of companies in 2012 and continue to evolve to meet tomorrow's energy needs.

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Video Transcript:
Sunoco is a great company they care about their people you can see it you can feel it, the family atmosphere is there and having fifteen years in the military you know morale is huge core values are huge. Been with the company 23 years, the benefits of working here it's a family thing, it's a partnership, everything here's a partnership. For our frontline employees our drivers they get extensive training. Safety is the most important thing for everybody in the company. You have to have a safe environment to work in and they provide you with that. Safety bonuses, safety banquet, safety meetings, they don't just talk about safety, they take care of safety every day of the week. I always tell our drivers they're not just safety people, they're customer service reps they're chemist's you know they're out there gathering samples of oil in these tank batteries and heating it up to make sure that we get an accurate apples to apples comparison of what is in the tank and getting it into our tanker and getting it back safely to the station. Sunoco does pay well. If you want to go out there and haul 4 loads a day or you want to go out there and haul six loads a day it all depends on the individual. What I can say working with Sunoco for the past four years, if you want to come to work for Sunoco and have success as a driver it's there for you, take it and run with it. If you want to move up with the company if you have the desire to move a different career path with the company those opportunities are there for you as well.