Sunoco Logistics Overview

Sunoco Logistics fills the vital role of moving energy resources through a network of trucks, pipelines and storage terminals to the markets that demand them. We are one of the most dynamic companies in the midstream field, serving the Northeast, Midwest and Gulf Coast regions of the U.S. Sunoco is growing, moving forward with new and innovative projects to further bolster the country's energy infrastructure, creating new jobs and advancing our employees. We joined the Energy Transfer family of companies in 2012 and continue to evolve to meet tomorrow's energy needs.

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Video Transcript:
Sunoco's an absolutely exciting place to work. We're involved in a number of major projects that have a direct industry impact. The people culture is unlike any other great relationship with your teammates your coworkers. The culture here is a family culture. Everybody pulls together everybody gives 110% every day they're here. If I'm having an issue at the terminal that could affect the pipeline I'm going to call the pipeline manager and say hey man let me give you a heads up this is going on we might need to make a move that's the way we talk to each other it's not it's not all business it's hey I need a favor can you help me out here and we help each other out. One of the first things I noticed when I came to Sunoco was the training they don't just bring you in regardless of your experience. Sunoco obviously safety is part of our culture so we don't put anybody out there without you know extensive training in the field so you don't walk away from the training with any questions. The biggest attribute we have is that we are growing and we don't even know what the future holds but we know we're going to be capturing it. You know you probably can look around our organization and no one staying in their job for a long period of time if you want to move if you want to grow there's opportunities we set goals and talk with your manager about where do you see yourself in five years and you can set that path of where you want to be. Not only is there opportunities to move around and to move up within you first several years and even beyond is that you're actually encouraged to. In my experience and in the experience of a lot of my peers you're actually encouraged and approached by management to look into different roles to see where you might fit better whether it be in business development or management or supervisory role people see your skills and they go after you. What I wouldn't have expected and it's different than what I've seen in my previous jobs is the work/life balance that we have here we're very flexible in terms of where we're working when were working I think that really helps and is surprising for this type of industry. We're all working on the same team and we all know the end results so we want a great customer experience we want a safe environment and you know that permeates through every discussion. If you're somebody that's personable, hard-working, determined, willing to learn and willing to have a good time I think you would fit well at Sunoco Logistics.