Sunoco Inc. Overview

Sunoco Inc. wholly owned by Energy Transfer Partners, L.P. (NYSE: ETP), which also owns Stripes LLC. Sunoco Inc. markets motor fuels through more than 4,900 Sunoco-branded locations in 26 states mainly east of the Mississippi, from Maine to Florida and west to Wisconsin and Louisiana. This includes more than 430 company-operated locations, along with over 4,000 independently owned and operated dealers and distributors. Sunoco Inc. also has more than 650 APlus branded convenience stores which are company-operated and operated by third-party dealers. Sunoco Inc. markets more than 4.7 billion gallons of fuel a year. It is the world’s largest manufacturer and marketer of race fuels and is the official fuel of NASCAR and an Indy Car sponsor.

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Video Transcript:
What our goals and initiatives are for Sunoco is to offer our customer a quality experience and a quality product not only when they're purchasing fuel for their vehicle at the pump but also aesthetically as they visit our convenient store. As they're walking in we want the customer to feel comfortable visiting our location and purchasing meals and products from our store. The great thing about working for Sunoco right now is the focus that we have right now on growth as a company. Being here has allowed me to grow and to have positions that I never thought that I would. Being here has allowed me to take different opportunities to figure out where my skill sets lie and where my strengths are. Since our company is large and has many departments under the Sunoco umbrella we are fortunate enough as employees to be reviewed under our talent our hard work and our capabilities. Coming through the Drexel co-op program becoming a full time employee, the things that I found valuable was the fact that Sunoco really allows you the opportunity to learn the different portions of the business. What I've been hosting with the co-op students is a lunch and learn program. I've been making it a point to pull individuals or groups of people from different business units of Sunoco and having them present to our co-op students so they can really get an idea of what's happening behind the scenes for that group so they've had the opportunity to meet with and talk to our pricing group to understand what drives the price of gas and how we're setting it at the pump and then also talking to the branding and marketing team to see what our initiatives are from an advertising standpoint as well as a sponsorship standpoint with NASCAR, INDYCAR & NHRA. They've encouraged me to take steps that are out of my comfort zone. They've also allowed me to get my MBA while I was an employee here so I think that the message I get from being an employee here is that they support you and allow you to grow and gain additional experience and skills. We have many different departments you can work in anywhere from accounting, maintenance, marketing, procurement, finance, engineering and there's plenty more that I'm not even including and many different locations within the United States. The opportunities at Sunoco are endless. We have great employees who are very intelligent, hardworking team players and if you're one of those employees that wants to work hard, work well with others, Sunoco should be your choice.