Sunoco Logistics Engineering

Sunoco Logistics fills the vital role of moving energy resources through a network of trucks, pipelines and storage terminals to the markets that demand them. We are one of the most dynamic companies in the midstream field, serving the Northeast, Midwest and Gulf Coast regions of the U.S. Sunoco is growing, moving forward with new and innovative projects to further bolster the country's energy infrastructure, creating new jobs and advancing our employees. We joined the Energy Transfer family of companies in 2012 and continue to evolve to meet tomorrow's energy needs.

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Video Transcript:
I came to Sunoco Logistics about 10 years ago and at the time I was looking for a fulfilling position that would allow me to be more hands-on in the project realm, have a little bit more plan/field experience. Unlike other firms I've worked for in the past as an engineer the difference I found immediately once I arrived at Sunoco was the people. The culture here is one of collaboration and team work. Engineers especially younger ones they don't have the opportunities that we see to interface directly with third-party but in a lot of what we do especially butane blending we're directly working with business development, engineering, operations with our customers as opposed to being you know stuck in a cubicle working on something. And that's an important distinction and there's a lot of weight to that I think. There's a lot of opportunities for growth in the engineering department with Sunoco and it can range from growing into project management role, growing into an integration management role. Actually managing people as a supervisor, technical supervisor, operations supervisor. I've seen a lot of my peers grow into different kinds of roles like that within their first 3 to 5 years. Based on your your abilities and your ambition to excel as far as you want into this company, there are opportunities based on our growth to really do anything you like.