Suncoast Hospice, is a non-profit, community hospice providing hospice care, palliative care, bereavement and other end-of-life services to patients and families in Pinellas county. Suncoast Hospice employees often say they have found their life's work. Suncoast Hospice offers competitive salaries and benefits packages, work/life balance, and peace of mind. Suncoast Hospice employees are eligible for continuing education, growth and career advancement. The life you change may be your own.

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Suncoast Hospice provides me different opportunities to practice my specialty. Hi my name is Juanita Wilson and I'm a pharmacist with Suncoast Hospice. I work with a great number of pharmacists, and they all embody what we call the hospice heart. A great team always willing to pull together to make sure the needs of the patients are met. We're taking care of people and providing patient care. When you see the doctor take the recommendation that you made, you almost feel like you are at the bedside. It's like a hub of everything that you could do in the world of pharmacy. We use the Suncoast Solutions system in which we are able to look at a patients overall history. You treat every prescription as if it is your loved one. You want to give it that kind of time, that kind of effort, that kind of attention. It's not like any experience that's out there. When you go home, you feel warm, knowing that what you do is having positive patient outcomes.