Licensed Practical Nurse

Suncoast Hospice, is a non-profit, community hospice providing hospice care, palliative care, bereavement and other end-of-life services to patients and families in Pinellas county. Suncoast Hospice employees often say they have found their life's work. Suncoast Hospice offers competitive salaries and benefits packages, work/life balance, and peace of mind. Suncoast Hospice employees are eligible for continuing education, growth and career advancement. The life you change may be your own.

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Video Transcript:
A lot of the patients that come to us are frightened; we're helping them along on their journey. Hi, I'm Elizabeth Diaz and I'm a licensed practical nurse at Suncoast Hospice. Probably the biggest comfort we give patients is the support, is them not feeling like they're alone. Sometimes we are focusing more on the families, depending on what they're going through at that time. Most people have worked somewhere else. I worked in med/surg, I worked psych. You have to come with a big heart, a clear mind, and just love what you do. Suncoast hospice offers huge growth. They have a great scholarship program and they encourage you to go to school, to make yourself better. Every patient, every family asks why do you do this? Why are you here? But after they're there, in that environment, they say it's like you're walking into the most peaceful place on the planet because they don't have to worry about anything anymore. Knowing that they're comfortable, that smile, that hug, that what I did made a difference, a huge difference in somebody's life.