Clinical Support

Suncoast Solutions is a fast-paced, dynamic software company that focuses on quality, innovation, and caring in supporting Hospice and Home Care agencies. Suncoast Solutions, is a Suncoast Hospice affiliate and offers competitive salaries and benefits packages. Suncoast Solutions employees are eligible for continuing education and career opportunities within both Suncoast Solutions and the Suncoast Hospice family of programs.

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Video Transcript:
I'm not giving the patient care but I'm helping the caregivers provide it. I'm Sheila MacGrath and I'm an RN, Clinical Support Specialist at Suncoast Solutions. Home Health Care Organizations throughout the country that have bought our software. It includes the entire clinical record, a bereavement package a billing package, everything that you need to provide care. We create the software, market the software and then train people how to use it and then actually support the application. It's such a fabulous field to be in with where it's going and how it's going. Nursing informatics is exploding. One of the best things about Suncoast Solutions, you can go anywhere you want to, you can apply for any job and learn and listen and grow. There's opportunity that can define an entire career. You do find yourself becoming much more aware how important life is, and what you want to do with your own. Working here gives you that opportunity to look back and know that you did something well and know that it had an effect.