Suncoast Hospice, is a non-profit, community hospice providing hospice care, palliative care, bereavement and other end-of-life services to patients and families in Pinellas county. Suncoast Hospice employees often say they have found their life's work. Suncoast Hospice offers competitive salaries and benefits packages, work/life balance, and peace of mind. Suncoast Hospice employees are eligible for continuing education, growth and career advancement. The life you change may be your own.

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When I started with hospice, I was actually going through a personal journey of my own. My sister was very young dying of cancer. I was a recipient of hospice services back in 1990 and because of what that team did for me and my family, I wanted to do the same. It's about keeping them comfortable and giving them good quality of life in the limited time they have left. It was really a great experience and it was a place that I knew I wanted to be. At Suncoast Hospice you get to be with patients at the most intimate times in their lives. It's probably a job I've been happiest at. I feel that I make a difference. Suncoast Hospice is a not for profit community based organization and is built on the values of respect and dignity. I want these people to be comfortable and that I understand what their needs are and that's part of compassionate care. Being at the bedside, we offer so many non-traditional ways to help people here. Brookside is a great environment for what I do in integrative medicine now in hospice and palliative care. I use everything in my conventional medicine toolset, but we also utilize acupuncture, cupping, traditional Chinese medicine. It's not like any other place that I've been at. The nurses, the aids, the social workers, the chaplains, the physician; we genuinely do care. One of the big strengths of Suncoast Hospice is a long history and deep and rich expertise in providing care. We're not a typical company; we're more like a family. There are people that have come from all walks of the medical profession. As far as getting involved with patient care at Suncoast, we get very involved, the doctors and the nurses want to know what's going on with the patient. Technology really helps. Having our electronic charting, the med select, where our meds are always constantly available. Coming to work for Suncoast Hospice allows you the opportunity not only to grow professionally but as a person. I have been allowed to develop my skills. I've been supported every inch of the way. I have a team that's right behind me. Suncoast Hospice offers huge growth. This time next year I'll be an RN and with a huge support of the company that I work for. The commitment on the part of Suncoast Hospice for me has been huge in terms of life and work balance. There's a phrase that we use in hospice: the life you change may be your own. I'd say join up because this could change your life, it can open your eyes, it can open doors. To be with a patient and their family at the time that's the most crucial in their life, when they're taking their last breath, it's a special moment, there's no words for that. We do it because we love it. We all feel called to be here, most of us will finish our careers here, because we love it that much and we are drawn to it. This is an amazing place to work.