Shift Supervisor - Chris

Sheetz Shift Supervisors work all three shifts, but a majority work nights/overnights and so flexibility is a must in this position. With skills in time management, and leadership, and the ability to work with a sense of urgency, this entry-level management position is a key part of the Sheetz team. In this video, meet Chris, who tells us what a real job with Sheetz is like.

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Video Transcript:
I was drawn to Sheetz, I don't want to say the good food, but I'd be lying. I was a regular customer before I started working at Sheetz. Being a Shift Supervisor turned me into a Sheetz ninja. I work in the middle of the night, I get to dress all in black, and I run speedily across the store cleaning and serving customers all kinds of wonderful things. Most shift supervisors at Sheetz are gonna start off working the third shift. As some people call it the "graveyard shift" but don't let that term fool you because it's actually a lot of fun. It can be quite busy. We clean up what the other two shifts might not have gotten to and then we set everything up for the next day. It is a lot of responsibility but I enjoy it because it's my chance to almost say, we made sure everything is awesome, now all of you can have a good shift. Sheetz definitely offers a lot of opportunities for management at stores so it's definitely worth looking into. If you want to work with great people and also show your own initiative and abilities to solve problems and get things done, just come on over. Come to a real job! Come to Sheetz!