Team Member

A Team Member in the Sheetz Distribution Center has many responsibilities to support various teams in the warehouse including: case selection, truck loading, unit selection, cigarette packing, and reach truck replenishment. With a rotational task schedule, there is a lot of variation in this job, providing a stimulating and fast-paced environment. In this video, hear from John, who tells us makes being a part of Sheetz so special.

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Video Transcript:
I'm proud to be a part of Sheetz. I'm proud to be part of a growing company. Everybody loves Sheetz. The distribution center is divided into different departments. Within each department there's probably six or more jobs. You'll do something different every day. For example I'm in shipping. You can be a case selector, there's totes we receive from cigarettes. There is also a loading position where you are loading all the stores into the truck. It's physical. They keep you in tune with lifting things properly so you don't hurt yourself. Sheetz is a fun place to work. I believe everybody loves the schedule. It alternates each week, every three weeks you get five days off. Who couldn't be happy about that? If you like a friendly atmosphere, if you like being a part of a company that people love, I think you should quit your job and work at Sheetz.