SBK Driver

Sheetz Brothers Kitchen delivers fresh food daily to all of their store locations. SBK Drivers are responsible for maintaining safety and compliance with their van. SBK Drivers are home every day, and a majority work 4 nights per week. All deliveries take place overnight in all weather conditions. SBK Drivers are not only responsible for making multiple deliveries, but also have responsibilities in unloading product from the vehicle and keeping accurate records with the use of a handheld scanner. An SBK Driver will make multiple stops and build relations with store employees. In this video, meet Mat, an SBK driver who continues the Sheetz tradition of friendly, team-oriented service.

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Video Transcript:
I felt very welcome into the Sheetz family when I first started. Everybody was really nice. Very energetic people around here. As an SBK driver we drive the Sprinter vans. We unload product to the stores. Doughnuts, sandwiches and all that great stuff. When I come in to the transportation hub I get my van ready. Do my pre-trip inspection. Which consists of checking your tires, making sure all your lights are working. They're well maintained vehicles. Every day they're kept up with. Our vans are loaded from the shipping dock. Then we just check the product and make sure all the stores are correct. We have all the product that we need. We deliver doughnuts and doughnut holes in the black totes. The RTE totes we deliver sandwiches, mac & cheese, fruit. It's a fast paced environment around here. A lot of teamwork goes on. A lot of people working together. It's a very energetic job. There's a lot of opportunities for people to move up in the company. It's a great job, it's a great company to work for. You always meet a lot of nice people, friendly people at Sheetz. It's been a fun experience.