Sheetz DC Drivers are responsible for maintaining safety and compliance with their vehicle and they must have a Class A license. DC Drivers are home every day, and a majority work 3 nights a week. All deliveries take place overnight in all weather conditions. Most Drivers will also have a Driver's Assistant, who will assist them in delivery which includes unloading products into designated areas in Sheetz Stores. A friendly demeanor and customer service are a must in this team-oriented environment. In this video, meet Drew, who takes us through his daily routine in this work-hard/play-hard environment.

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Video Transcript:
At Sheetz it's a work hard, play hard atmosphere. As a DC driver I'm responsible for unloading my truck and working hard, and being on time. We deliver product 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Sheetz is there to make it a lot easier for you. We do multiple stops in a night. We use the scanner to scan the product. We don't even write on a log, it's all computerized. It is a physical job. We use a ramp to unload all of our product, by hand. I move product all day long. Sometimes you have to hustle to get the product off because we like to be on time. We deliver in the rain, snow. We do work weekends. We do work holidays. Flexibility in the schedule. I leave on Monday I know I'm coming back on Tuesday. Our equipment is state of the art, new equipment. If something's broken, its fixed. I mean, we don't even fuel our own trucks, they do it for us. I went from just driving a truck and now I train guys to drive truck. You get your license, you come here, and then we'll teach you how to drive. There's always opportunities and Sheetz is growing.