Driver Assistant

Take a closer look at the responsibilities of a Driver Assistant for Sheetz Distribution Center. While no driving is required for this role, Driver Assistant's are responsible for keeping alert and safety awareness. This position goes hand-in-hand with the Driver position, with most deliveries taking place overnight in all weather conditions. Driver Assistants are responsible for assisting the Driver with deliveries, unloading the truck with a handcart and helping to maintain efficiency and teamwork. In this video, meet Joe, who takes us through his daily routine in this physical and fun job.

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Video Transcript:
I'm a Driver's Assistant with Sheetz. It's a good company to work for, a good atmosphere. It's very family oriented. Everybody helps each other out when you need help. Everybody's great here. You work 14 hours a night and you get good benefits. First thing I get in here I get the hand carts ready. Get the mailbags ready. Take them out to the assigned truck, wait for my driver to come in, get the paperwork ready and then get ready to depart. When we arrive at the stores I get out, open the back doors, get the ramp out, and start to unload the truck. It's very physical work. You're constantly bending down, running up and down the ramp. It is important to work as a team because the job gets done a lot easier and a lot smoother. They do train you on your job. You'll go with a driver trainer and he shows you what to do and how the job should be done properly. Sheetz wants to train you to their standards so they know they're safe. When you first started working for Sheetz you realize how good of a company they are, how much they treat their employees really well. They're just a great company over all.