Bakery Team Member

At Sheetz Brothers Kitchen, fresh baked goods are made from scratch daily, and so Bakery Team Members will have various responsibilities within the Bakery, with a focus on cleanliness, quality, and efficiency. It is a fast-paced and physical job, in a fun, family-like atmosphere. In this video, meet Kimberlee, who tells us why a job in the Sheetz Brothers Kitchen is so sweet.

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Video Transcript:
All day smells good. So sweet and sugary. We make all the products in the Sheetz store from scratch, whether it's the cookies, the breads, the doughnuts. We fry it up, get it ready, send it on its way out the door onto the trucks and it covers all the stores in our area. Food safety is very important to Sheetz. We try to maintain a clean environment for where we work. Always washing hands, keeping everything sanitized. There is a lot of variety in this job so you're not stuck on one job every single day that you're here. You could be a mixer, fryer operation, traying, selecting. Individually you do a job but you all come together as a team to get the product out. You have a lot of fun here at Sheetz. We laugh a lot, joke a lot but yet we can carry on and still do our job and produce all the food we need.